Robert M. Hamm, PhD
Professor, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
Director, Clinical Decision Making Program
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Rob Hamm is a psychologist specializing in judgment and decision making. In his work in the Clinical Decision Making Program, he studies both how medical decisions ought to be made and how they actually are made by physicians and by patients.

How decisions ought to be made:
  • Decision Analysis
  • Multiattribute Utility Analysis
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Probabilistic Inference (Bayes' Theorem)
  • Utility-based Treatment Threshold
How decisions are made:
  • Interpretation of situations and framing of decisions
  • Judgments of probabilities
  • Judgments of value
  • Integration of multiple items of information

Download computer programs for clinical decision making calculations

Family Medicine Summer Research Experience (FMSRE) Program

Oklahoma/Kansas Judgment and Decision Making (OKJDM) Annual Workshop

The metaphor of a balance beam to illustrate the impact of evidence in favor of a diagnostic hypothesis

Project exploring the use of balance sheets to inform men's decision making about whether to get prostate cancer screening, sponsored by the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention