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Welcome to the University of Oklahoma 
Physician Associate Program!

What an exciting time to be in the PA profession and at the Physician Associate Program. The profession is rapidly expanding and recognized nationally as a top career choice. We are one of the original six accredited program in the United States and have maintained continuous accreditation since 1972. Recently, the program has reinvented itself under the direction of new leadership and changes have affected the curriculum, faculty, students, and applicants. When there are so many choices available to prospective students it is important to find a fit during the application process. 

The Physician Associate Program has a history of breaking new ground and practicing frontier medicine. We continue to prepare graduates to practice at the limits of the profession and to break new ground in a manner as many alumni have. The program has renewed the relationship with the clinical departments in the College of Medicine to assist in the delivery of both the didactic and the clinical curriculum bringing a clinical expertise to the classroom and exposing students to complex disease states while on clinical rotations. We believe graduates should be able to take a history of any patient complaint, perform a focused physical examination, order labs and necessary imaging to narrow the differential diagnosis, and initiate a treatment plan. Graduating students will understand the need to work collaboratively with other team members and the necessity to embrace lifelong learning to keep pace with medical advances in patient care. The program takes advantage of our place in an academic medical center to teach the next generation of clinicians. 

The practice of medicine is a noble calling and will continue to demand the very best of those who pursue the study. PA school is a rigorous pursuit and presses students in a manner they haven’t experienced previously. We desire to matriculate a diverse group of students that possess what it takes to endure, succeed, and serve the disadvantaged. Diversity goes beyond ethnicity in the modern era and requires the program to be discerning in evaluating applicants and we encourage applicants to highlight their unique characteristics and challenges faced when pursuing their undergraduate education. 

The current PA Program faculty represents the diversity and grit we seek in applicants and we invite you to explore faculty bios and you’ll find a distinct and determined faculty with the most cumulative years of clinical experience in a variety of medical specialties in the history of the program. We believe the quality of the faculty and the institution directly affects student learning.

It truly is an exciting time to be in Oklahoma City, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and the Physician Associate Program, and we invite you to join us for an advising session and check it out for yourself.