Lawton Residency Program


What makes for a great residency experience? Like most things in life, the quality of the residency experience depends on your desires, motivations and personality. The feedback we have received from our graduates is the training they received here at the Southwest Oklahoma Family Medicine Residency was exactly what they needed.

Our residents tend to be independent thinkers who are self-starters and take their own education seriously. They realize the quality of their training depends on what they are willing to put into the experience knowing that all of the experiences, tools and teaching are at their disposal. They tell us they wanted a program where there is an abundance of patients and they aren't pushed out of the way by residents in other specialties who need that experience for their own curricular needs. They tell us they are grateful to have been taught by seasoned, experienced faculty who have had those real life experiences in taking care of patients. They appreciate a place to train where from day one, the nurses, the volunteer faculty and the administration of the hospitals regard them as physicians and treat them with respect.

Our graduates especially appreciate the camaraderie that developed among their colleagues. This program exists to train quality family physicians who possess the skills to practice anywhere in any given locale where a family doctor is needed. I invite you to explore our web pages and see for yourself this program has what you need for a quality training experience.

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