What are the strengths of your program?
Our program is fortunate to have a diverse faculty. With interests ranging from sports medicine to geriatrics to obstetrics, our faculty is enthusiastic and well qualified to guide you through your residency training.

Does this program require a medical license to begin residency?
The Oklahoma State Medical Board requires all residents to attain a state medical license to begin residency. This is a special license, which may be replaced with a permanent license upon completion of 12 months of accredited residency program and passing score on USMLE step 3.

What major changes do you anticipate?
This program is constantly reexamining our residents' needs. Current changes include more exposure to clinic-based procedures and family-centered obstetrics.

Where is the Family Medicine Center located and what types of patients does it serve?
The Family Medicine Center is conveniently located in the center of Lawton within close proximity to the hospitals. Residents can expect to see patients from all walks of life.

How much obstetrical experience will I receive?
Our interns are required to have 2 months of inpatient obstetric training. OB rotations are done at Reynolds Army Hospital on Fort Sill. Our residents are also asked to first assist many private OBs with Ceasarian sections.

What will my call schedule be?
Interns generally have 1 in 4 along with newborn pager call.  In your second year and third year will have 1 in 8 home call.

What will my clinic schedule be?
As interns, clinic is two half days per week. Second year residents have 3 half days per week. Third year residents are in clinic 4 half days per week.

Is Lawton, Oklahoma a good place to live?