OU Family Medicine Global Health Track

 Residents in the OU Family Medicine Global Health Track have the opportunity to join an innovative
approach to global health education at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC).  Our Global Health curriculum is rooted in a multi-disciplinary initiative which recognizes the
importanceuganda landscape of health, social determinants of health and education for long-term development and sustainability. Long-term relationships with in-country partners allow for integrated exposure to global healthcare and promote sustainable collaboration with local providers to identify evidence-based resources for preventative and primary care both abroad and at home. 
The curriculum consists of an interdisciplinary Global Health Course with bimonthly lectures and journal clubs led by faculty in the departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Infectious Disease and Family & Preventative Medicine as a pre-requisite prior to month long, in-country rotations offered in the PGY-2 and PGY-3 years. Our current rotation sites are with health systems in the north and West Nile regions of Uganda in partnership with Gulu University Faculty of Medicine. 

global health nithin

 Left: Dr. Nithin Devireddy (OU Family Medicine Resident) with Andre (Gulu University Medical Student) performs morning rou
nds on the pediatric ward. Bidirectional learning is an aim for the partnership to promote growth of both learners.

Right: A guide to the departments in one of our partner clinics, Errusi Health Center III

Residents experience both inpatient and outpatient settings comprising the full spectrum of family medicine practice. A senior resident with continuity at partner clinical sites in Uganda is paired with first time participants to promote sustainability and appreciation of the cultural and social determinants of health in post-conflict northern Uganda. Residents are precepted by OU Family Medicine and Gulu University Faculty with long-term engagement in the local communities.
 uganda elephant