Degree Programs

In addition to conferring the Doctor of Medicine Degree, OU College of Medicine offers a Physician Associate Program and several dual degree programs to meet the unique interests of medical students. These dual degree programs include MD/PhD and MD/MPH.

Doctor of Medicine
By conferring the Doctor of Medicine degree, the University certifies that the student is competent to undertake the next step in the physician's education - that of graduate medical education or residency training.

It certifies further that, in addition to the scientific knowledge and skills, the graduate possess qualities of behavior and personality, compassion, responsibility, and integrity-essential to an effective professional life. Medical education ordinarily consists of a minimum of four years of study. Students recommended for the Doctor of Medicine degree must be of good moral character, have completed an entire academic course of instruction as enrolled medical students, passed all required subjects and received satisfactory grades. In addition they must meet College requirements regarding the United States Medical Licensing Examination, and meet all financial obligations to the College of Medicine. At the end of the final academic year, students who have fulfilled these requirements will be eligible for the M.D. degree. 

MD/PhD Degree
The MD/PhD program provides training for individuals with strong clinical and basic science interests for research careers in academic medicine.

Offered jointly by the Graduate College and the College of Medicine, the dual degree program consists of four years of medical school and a minimum of three years of graduate study (which occurs between the preclinical and clinical curricula) including dissertation research in an area of basic biomedical science leading to a PhD degree.The work must be conducted under the guidance of a funded clinical and/or basic science investigator who is a member of the Graduate Faculty. The program concludes with clinical studies during the final two years of medical school. Students will receive academic counseling and career guidance, and participate in special seminars and retreats designed to enhance the educational environment. Clinical and basic science investigators at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center annually receive over $25 million in research funding through external granting agencies. As participating partners, scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation receive $13.5 million annually. All enrolled MD/PhD students receive a stipend plus full tuition throughout their training. For more information, please visit the MD/PhD Program website.

Download MD/PhD Program Application

MD/MPH Degree
The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, College of Public Health, and the Graduate College are offering an innovative MD/MPH degree program for those students that wish to complement that practice with expertise in public health.

Physician Associate Degree
The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine also offers the Physician Associate degree. For information, please visit the Physician Associate Program website