Zoltan Ungvari, MD, PhD

Zoltan Ungvari

Professor, Donald W. Reynolds Chair of Aging Research


University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
975 NE 10th Street   BRC 1315A
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Telephone: (405) 271-8000 ext. 47809
Email: zoltan-ungvari@ouhsc.edu


M.D., 1996   Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Ph.D., 2001  Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
American Heart Association Post-doctoral fellowship, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular Aging
  • Vascular Biology
  • Free Radical Biology
  • Comparative Biology of Aging

Research in Dr. Ungvári's laboratory is focused on vascular physiology and cell biology with an emphasis on oxidative stress and inflammation.

Active areas of research include:

  1. Molecular biology of cardiovascular aging: 
    Aging-related cardiovascular diseases are the greatest health challenge the U.S. faces in the 21st century. We aim to understand the mechanisms underlying age-related deterioration of vascular and cardiac function and identify novel therapeutic targets to delay/prevent the deleterious effects of cardiovascular aging  (mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial oxidative stress, NADPH oxidase-dependent signaling, pro-inflammatory mechanisms, GH/IGF-1 system, etc).
  2. Cardiovascular protection by caloric restriction and caloric restriction mimics:
    There is an urgent need to develop novel interventional treatments for promotion of cardiovascular health in older persons. The dietary regimen known as caloric restriction can delay aging and extend lifespan in evolutionary distant organisms. A major goal of Dr. Ungvári's laboratory is to identify novel mechanisms induced by caloric restriction that act as regulators of vascular redox homeostasis and thus suppress oxidative stress and oxidative stress-induced inflammatory processes in aging and target them using a pharmacological approach to promote vascular health.
  3. Comparative aging studies: 
    Mammalian lifespan ranges hundred-fold and long-living species may be useful models for successful cardiovascular aging in humans. Comparative studies exploiting the large differences in maximum lifespan potential and cardiovascular aging patterns are particularly relevant. Dr. Ungvári's laboratory compares mechanisms related to oxidative stress, oxidative stress resistance and redox signaling between long-living species and shorter-living ones to elucidate key mechanisms for delaying cardiovascular aging.
  4. Hemodynamic forces and vascular inflammation: 
    Atherosclerosis develops in hemodynamically well-defined regions. BMPs are novel TGFβ family member cytokines that play a crucial role in development. Recently, BMPs have been discovered in adult blood vessels and have been linked to atherogenesis and vascular calcification. Studies in Dr. Ungvári's laboratory suggest that BMP2 is up-regulated by high pressure, oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines, whereas the vascular expression of BMP4, a structurally releated cytokine is regulated by wall shear stress. The aforementione studies have shown that BMP2/4 elicits endothelial activation increasing monocyte adhesiveness, endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress. Dr. Ungvári's laboratory aims to understand i) the transcriptional regulation of BMPs and other cytokines by hemodynamic forces in endothelial cells, and ii) the pathophysiological role of BMPs in vascular diseases.

Dr. Ungvári has published more than 90 original manuscripts and invited reviews, served on the Vascular Biology and Blood Pressure Regulation study section of the American Heart Association and has been invited to present his research at national and international meetings.

Recent Publications

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