Allison Gillaspy, PhD

Director of the OUHSC Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Cytometry Research

Dr. Gillaspy is the Director of the Laboratory for  Molecular Biology and Cytometry Research at OUHSC ( which is a state of the art facility that specializes in genomic technology and custom DNA sequencing.  We are involved in different aspects of research projects for several PIs on the OUHSC campus as well as other academic institutions across the country.  A major focus for our lab in recent years has been to aid in the integration of next generation sequencing technology, specifically the SOLiD platform from Applied Biosystems, into existing biomedical research. Using this technology we have participated in both clinical and basic science research endeavors with numerous groups interested in a variety of scientific endeavors. Specifically, we have done miRNA profiling for cancer and control patient samples including those for ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancer.  We have also sequenced numerous (>40) whole genomes for bacterial and viral samples that have been representative of laboratory strains as well as direct clinical isolates.  Whole transcriptome studies in rat and mouse cancer cell lines as well as samples from in vivo experiments have also been done as well as sequencing RNA or DNA from model plant systems and other organisms for which no genomic information had been gathered previously.   In addition to the genomic aspect of our lab, we also offer services that are more routine such as plasmid prepping and sequencing, Real Time PCR set up and cycling, proteome analysis, and quantitative/qualitative analysis of samples (DNA, RNA, or protein) using the Agilent BioAnalyzer.

Current Laboratory Personnel:

Jenny Gipson, Research Assistant

Steven Snow, Research Assistant

Selected Publications:

Fisch, K.M., Gillaspy, A.F., Gipson, M., Henrikson, J.C., Hoover, A.R., Jackson, L., Joyner, P.M., Najar, F. Z., Roe, B.A., Sims, P.A., Wägele, H., and Cichewicz, R.H.  2008.  Inducing native-host expression of silent gene clusters encoding for secondary metabolites through small molecule modulation of the fungal epigenome.  Submitted to Fungal Genetics and Biology.   

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