MI 5211 Current Literature in Microbiology and Immunology 
This course will provide the student with skills necessary for critical review and interpretation of scientific literature. This will require the student to critique the scientific paper in terms of hypothesis tested, methods utilized, and conclusions drawn. This course can be repeated for a maximum of 2 credit hours for the Ph.D. and 2 credit hours for the M.S. degree.

MI 5610 Topics in Infectious Disease
Microbiological aspects of selected areas of infectious diseases will  be studied in depth. Discussion periods of one to four hours duration per week on infectious disease.  Topics will be led by selective graduate faculty members.  The course may be repeated for a maximum total of six hours.

MI 5971 Seminar
May be repeated; Maximum credit toward the M.S. degree two hours, toward Ph.D. degree four hours.

MI 6101 Immunology Journal Club
This course is designed to teach students to critically evaluate the current literature in Immunology. In addition, they will gain an in depth knowledge of the current state of the field through their exposure to the most current literature in the field.

MI 6111  Immunity in Disease
The course covers applied aspects of immunology including immunity to pathogens, mucosal immunity, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, immune deficiency diseases, transplantation, tumor immunology, extrinsic regulation of immunity and vaccine development.

MI 6301  Basic Microbiology
The course covers basic principles of bacteriology including the structure and function of cellular structures, growth and cell cycle control.  Topics of sterilization and antimicrobics are included.  The course also includes study of bacterial genetics, bacteriophage and recombinant DNA technology.

MI 6321-005  Molecular Structure and Dynamics: Molecular Virology
The course focus is on the molecular biology or viruses including how they enter host cells and take advatage of host resources to replicate.

MI 6401 Bioinformatics - Applications
The course explores methods used in sequencing of genomes and annotation of genome sequences.  Included are methods to predict microbial genes, and protein function.  Students will become familiar with searching databases to match predicted genes, proteins and protein families.  Topics of comparative genomics are also included.

MI  6501 Molecular Microbiology
The course covers prokaryotic transcription and regulatory mechanisms influenced by RNA and protein. RNA topics include promoters, transcriptional regulation, regulation of termination and RNA processing. Protein topics include pili and flagella, post transitional regulation, secretion and protein trafficking. Methods for analysis are included.

MI  6843 Advanced Immunology
Advanced areas of immunology will be dealt with in the context of contemporary literature.

MI 6853 Advanced Pathogenic Mechanisms
The course covers recent advances in Microbiology and Virology with emphasis on the current literature. The course emphasizes how to critically analyze the scientific literature.

MI 6980 Research for Doctor's Dissertation
Credit hours may vary. The courses covers time devoted to development and successful defence of Ph.D. dissertation.