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Work Hours

All students are expected to work in the summer mentor's lab full-time, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.  The mentor may adjust this schedule at his/her discretion.  Dress attire for most labs is casual.  Open-toed shoes are generally not allowed. 

Salary and Supplies

$5,000 Summer Employment.  Federal and state taxes will be withheld. 
$2,200 Laboratory Supplies (paid to the Mentor's Lab)
The mentor will pay for production of the poster for the final poster presentation.

The student is responsible for parking fees and housing costs.


Housing over the summer is a personal decision of the student.  The student can live at home, move to Oklahoma City, or whatever respective city he/she chooses.  The INBRE office will happily assist students to acquire housing at an Oklahoma City apartment complex utilized by the OUHSC summer programs.  Housing at Oklahoma State University may also be arranged upon request.  Please be aware that OSU has very specific timelines on submitting applications.  If the student wishes to be housed with another INBRE student, the INBRE office can help to arrange that.  All housing costs are at the expense of the student.

College Credit

Credit may be available for participation in the summer program.  All tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student. Community college students will earn two hours of credit for the mandatory "boot camp" prior to the summer research experience.