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Undergraduate Summer Research Program Goals

The Graduate College at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) hosts a cadre of summer programs aimed at encouraging undergraduate students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.  Four programs are currently housed on the OUHSC campus, which are designed to offer outstanding undergraduate students intensive, hands-on research opportunities in the laboratories of a select group of faculty mentors.  When these faculty members are located in the Oklahoma City area, the INBRE students they mentor participate with the other three summer programs on the OUHSC campus.  In a number of cases, faculty mentors are located on other campuses which geographically prohibit summer students from participating in OUHSC events.

The four programs hosted by OUHSC are: the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (SURE), the IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Summer Research Program, the Langston Integrated Network College Program (LINC), and the Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH) Student Development Program.
Oklahoma INBRE has hosted over 350 students since 2001 to participate in summer research programs.  Students accepted into the INBRE program are paired with a mentor who shares their same research interests.  The mentor could be on the student's home campus, at an Oklahoma research university, or at a biomedical industry. And the best part is, the student is paid for the experience, can possibly receive college credit, and the mentor receives lab supplies.
The INBRE selection committee makes every attempt to pair the student with a mentor that shares a common area of research interest.  Mentors, graduate students, and laboratory technicians work very closely with the student, teaching methods and techniques, while allowing the student to assume responsibility for the project.  
There are two programs available, one for students at primarily undergraduate institutions, and one for students at community colleges.  Check out the program descriptions for qualifications.

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