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Sample Summer

Summer Prep (Community College students only) - May, 2015

A "biotech boot camp" will be required for community college students accepted into the INBRE Summer Research Program.  The boot camp will be held at Oklahoma City Community College and run for one week prior to the summer program.  Skills taught include equipment instruction in balances, pipetting devices, volumetrics, autoclaves, electrophoresis apparatus, centrifuges, pH meters, and UV/vis spectrophotometers, plus practice in calculating molarity, percent, dilutions and in making solutions, media and buffers.  Program content of the boot camp may change depending on the backgrounds of students accepted into the program.  The boot camp may not be required for some students as determined by the selection committee.  Students will earn one hour of college credit for boot camp participation.

It is absolutely mandatory that all students attend the one-day orientation given by INBRE personnel in April 2015.  In addition, all students assigned to mentors at OUHSC and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation must attend a mandatory orientation the first day of the program.  All required paperwork will be filled out and submitted at this time.
Students in Oklahoma City Area
Those students who are working in a lab in the Oklahoma City area will participate with the other three summer programs on the OUHSC campus in a number of activities.   Students working outside the Oklahoma City area are invited to attend social events, such as the student BBQ, and the presentation by graduate program representatives.

Activities for Oklahoma City students are:

Weekly Research-related Enrichment 
Meetings covering topics such as:
            Understanding scientific literature
            Keeping lab notebooks
            Ethics in science and research
            Presentation of scientific posters
            Graduate admissions and GRE strategy    
Journal Club
Weekly Seminar Series
Lunch time seminars are given by selected OUHSC faculty members on exciting advances in their research.
Students housed outside the Oklahoma City area are invited to attend these events, but may not be able due to geographic constraints.  It is not required for these students to attend. All summer students may attend the lunch panel with graduate program representatives and the barbeque at the Oklahoma History Museum in June.  
Poster Presentation

Each student will develop a poster demonstrating the research project and progress made therein.  A poster-making tutorial may be provided.  The presentation is required and is open to the general public.  This presentation is held on the OUHSC campus and is the final event of the summer program.  All four summer programs hosted on the OUHSC campus participate in this event.  Faculty mentors, parents and friends are invited to attend.  A luncheon for program participants is held afterwards.

Group Activities
During the nine-week program, there are opportunities to meet with students in the INBRE program, as well as the other three summer programs hosted by the OUHSC campus.  Since not all INBRE students are in the Oklahoma City area, this is a good chance to meet with those students and discuss summer experiences.
Ice cream social with graduate students, featuring Ph.D. students from the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences offered by OUHSC, as well as students in the M.D./Ph.D. program.
Midsummer barbecue with all summer program participants, mentors and graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences Program.
Other outings with INBRE students as arranged by students.