Please take a moment to check out the Faculty and their research interests. Students interested in Neuroscience can learn about the opportunities for undergraduate research as well as about our Ph.D. program.

We are entering a new and exciting time in Neuroscience!

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary field that integrates biology, chemistry, and physics with studies of structure, physiology, and behavior, including human emotional and cognitive functions.

Neuroscience research spans the breadth of biomedical science from genes to behavior. Molecular neuroscientists study molecules and cells of the nervous system. Developmental neuroscientists learn how the brain grows and changes. Behavioral neuroscientists study the processes underlying behavior in humans and in animals. Clinical neuroscientists use basic research findings to develop diagnostic methods and ways to prevent and treat neurological disorders that affect millions of people. Much of this exciting work is taking place right here in Oklahoma! Enjoy your visit and please contact us with your comments and suggestions.