Collaborators with Academia

Listed Alphabetically

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Karolinska Institute

  • Dr. Bengt Linderoth

National Institutes of Health

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)

  • Dr. Yashige Kotake

  • Dr. Charles Stewart

  • Dr. Rheal Towner

OU Medical Center

  • Presbyterian Health Foundation

OUHSC Dept. of Pathology

  • Dr. S. Terence Dunn

OUHSC Dept. of Physiology

  • Dr. Robert Foreman

OUHSC Dept. of Neurology

  • Dr. Calin Prodan

University of Tulsa

  • Dr. Ken Miller

University of Vermont

  • Dr. Gary Mawe

Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

  • Dr. Ann Ouyang