News & Events

The Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience makes every effort to maintain a high standard of academic curriculum for graduate students, develop young investigators with outstanding faculty mentorship, strengthen collaborative relationships between clinicians and research scientists, and educate the public about diseases of the brain and nervous system. These efforts are made through a multitude of programs and events that are summarized in the "News and Events" menu.

Our programs and events are the result of considerate and detailed planning by the director, associate directors, and program manager, but they are successful because of the involvement of our students, faculty, and the greater community. We hope that you take the time to review our programs and look for events in which you can participate.


Pictured: Dr. Michelle Callegan, ​OCNS Faculty member. Dr. Callegan is engaging students at our annual Mini Graduate School.


In the photo above, Chelsea Larabee, a recent OCNS graduate, is receiving an award presented to all graduates of the program.