Raniyah Ramadan Distinguished Lecture

The Raniyah Ramadan Distinguished Lecture is an annual lecture initiated in July 2012 and sponsored by the Dr. Raniyah Ramadan Foundation. Raniyah Ramadan was an Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience graduate student and completed her doctoral degree in 2006. Raniyah’s research focused on the pathology of bacterial endophthalmitis in the laboratory of professor Michelle Callegan. For more information on the positive impact of Raniyah’s life, please visit www.raniyahramadan.com and read more about Raniyah's research in the 2019 Ramadan event card. We hope that you can join us at noon on July 2​5, 201​9 for the​ Eighth Raniyah Ramadan Distinguished Lecture presented by Dr. ​​Jian-Xing Ma from the University of ​Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Preliminary information about this year's event appears on the 201​​9 invitation.

​Raniyah Ramadan Summer Research Scholars

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