Translational Research Initiative

The Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience (OCNS) has initiated a translational neuroscience research group on campus. Our goal is to facilitate novel cooperative projects that involve both clinician and basic scientists at OUHSC. The three major focuses of this initiative include neurodegenerative diseases, stress, and stroke. The OCNS has invited clinicians and scientists from across campus which specialize in these areas of focus to meet and identify potential areas of translational research collaboration between them. To assist in the development of these collaborations, the OCNS is sponsoring a number of seed grants to fund research proposals. It is our hope that seed-grant funded research proposals will result in long-term collaborations between clinicians and scientists at OUHSC as well as translational research projects funded by additional agencies.

Picture of Calin Prodan, M.D.
Calin Prodan, MD
Associate Director for Clinical Research

OCNS Translational Seed Grant Awardees​

2013 Faculty Awardees ($10,000)     
Sanjay Bidichandani, Ph.D.
Mary Gumerlock, M.D.

2013 ​Student Awardees ($5,000)
Dawn (Kennedy) Prusator
Alaina Reagan

201​4 Faculty Awardees ($10,000)
Angelia Kirkpatrick, M.D.
D​harambir Sanghera, Ph.D.

2014 Student Awardees ($5,000)
Chelsea Larabee
Amanda (Brock) Stock

2015 Faculty Awardees ($15,000)
Jay Hanas, Ph.D.
Alex Mdzinarishvili, Ph.D.

2015 Post Doc Awardees ($7,500)
Yogesh Chutake, Ph.D.
Anthony Johnson, Ph.D.
Rachel Moloney, Ph.D.

2015 Student Awardees ($5,000)
Albert Orock

2016 Faculty Awardee (15,000)
James Battiste, M.D.

2016 Post Doc Awardee ($7,500)
Rocco Lator​re, Ph.D.

2016 Student Awardee ($5,000)
Niran Hadad

2017 Faculty Awardee ($15,000)
Lauren Ethridge, Ph.D.

2017 Student Awardees ($5,000)
Christopher Kooker
Eileen Parks

2018 Student Awardee ($5,000)
Chase Brown

201​9 Student Awardees ($5,000)
Katarzyna Piekarz
Michelle Zalles