​975 N.E. 10th Street
​BRC 213
​Oklahoma City, OK 73104

(405) 271-​8001

William Berry, Ph.D.

Academic Appointments: Assistant Professor

Professional Education
Fellowship: Post-doctoral Fellowship.
                  Department of Cell Biology
                  (Adviser: James Tomasek, Ph.D.)
Education:  Doctor of Philosophy
                  Department of Cell Biology
                  (Adviser: Ralf Janknecht, Ph.D.)

Research Interests: Role of MRTF-A and MRTF-B in myofibroblast function in various conditions such as:

  • Pathological Scarring
    • Cutaneous wounds
    • Peritoneal adhesions
  • Normal wound healing processes
    • Cutaneous wounds
    • Colonic anastomoses
  • Cancer associated fibroblasts

    Developing small molecular inhibitors, viral gene therapies, and gene editing approaches to alter myofibroblast function to promote normal healing.

Recent Publications:
Sun, C., Berry, W. L., and Olson, L. E. (2017) PDGFRalpha controls the balance of stromal and adipogenic cells during adipose tissue organogenesis. Development 144, 83-94

McBride, J. D., Liu, X., Berry, W. L., Janknecht, R., Cheng, R., Zhou, K., Badiavas, E. V., and Ma, J. X. (2017) Transgenic expression of a canonical Wnt inhibitor, kallistatin, is associated with decreased circulating CD19+ B lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. International journal of hematology 105, 748-757

Weygant, N., Ge, Y., Qu, D., Kaddis, J. S., Berry, W. L., May, R., Chandrakesan, P., Bannerman-Menson, E., Vega, K. J., Tomasek, J. J., Bronze, M. S., An, G., and Houchen, C. W. (2016) Survival of Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancers Can Be Predicted by a Surrogate microRNA Signature for Cancer Stem-like Cells Marked by DCLK1 Kinase. Cancer research 76, 4090-4099

Berry, W. L., and Janknecht, R. (2013) KDM4/JMJD2 histone demethylases: epigenetic regulators in cancer cells. Cancer research 73, 2936-2942

Berry, W. L., Kim, T. D., and Janknecht, R. (2014) Stimulation of beta-catenin and colon cancer cell growth by the KDM4B histone demethylase. International journal of oncology 44, 1341-1348

Berry, W. L., Shin, S., Lightfoot, S. A., and Janknecht, R. (2012) Oncogenic features of the JMJD2A histone demethylase in breast cancer. International journal of oncology 41, 1701-1706

O'Mealey, G. B., Berry, W. L., and Plafker, S. M. (2017) Sulforaphane is a Nrf2-independent inhibitor of mitochondrial fission. Redox biology 11, 103-110

Hannafon, B. N., Carpenter, K. J., Berry, W. L., Janknecht, R., Dooley, W. C., and Ding, W. Q. (2015) Exosome-mediated microRNA signaling from breast cancer cells is altered by the anti-angiogenesis agent docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Molecular cancer 14, 133

Bailey-Downs, L. C., Thorpe, J. E., Disch, B. C., Bastian, A., Hauser, P. J., Farasyn, T., Berry, W. L., Hurst, R. E., and Ihnat, M. A. (2014) Development and characterization of a preclinical model of breast cancer lung micrometastatic to macrometastatic progression. PLoS One 9, e98624

Weygant, N., Qu, D., Berry, W. L., May, R., Chandrakesan, P., Owen, D. B., Sureban, S. M., Ali, N., Janknecht, R., and Houchen, C. W. (2014) Small molecule kinase inhibitor LRRK2-IN-1 demonstrates potent activity against colorectal and pancreatic cancer through inhibition of doublecortin-like kinase 1. Development (Cambridge, England) 13, 103

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