Lloyd and Ruth Rader Trust

Each academic year, the Lloyd and Ruth Rader Trust considers awards to residents of outstanding promise in clinical medicine or research at The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Several residents from the Department of Surgery have won this award:

Year Resident
1984 Gary D. Myers, M.D.
1984 Teresa M. Shavney, M.D.
1985 John D. Randolph, M.D.
1986 Kyle W. Toal, M.D.
1986 David W. Tuggle, M.D.
1988 Tim R. Love, M.D.
1993 Stephen M. Megison, M.D.
1994 Ronald A. Squires, M.D.
1995 P. Cameron Mantor, M.D.
1997 Nikola K. Puffinbarger, M.D.
1998 Robert W. Letton, M.D.
1999 Randy J. Irwin, M.D.
2000 Michele A. Markley, M.D.
2004 Joshua G. Barton, M.D.
2005 Jason S. Lees, M.D.
2006 Hamilton S. Le, M.D.
2007 Douglas Che Miller, M.D.
2014 Jeremy J. Johnson, M.D.