OU Medical Alumni Association Award

There are three awards presented annually at the OU Medical Alumni Association dinner held in conjuction with the Oklahoma State Medical Association meeting.  The awards are: 

Physician of the Year - Private Practice, 

Physician of the Year - Academic Medicine and the Amicus Medicinae (Friend of Medicine) Award. 

Since the inception of these awards in 1977, several of our faculty, former residents and friends have been honored by the OU Medical Alumni Association.

  •  Physician of the Year - Private Practice
      • 2003 - R. Nathan Grantham, MD
      • 2009 - Gerald W. McCullough, MD
      • 2012 - William D. Hawley, MD
  • Physician of the Year - Academic Medicine
      • 1985 - Ronald C. Elkins, MD
      • 1999 - Russell G. Postier, MD
      • 2001 - Donald R. Carter, MD
      • 2005 - Lynn H. Harrison, Jr., MD
      • 2008 - Robert G. Johnson, MD
      • 2011 - Marvin D. Peyton, MD
  • Amicus Medicinae
      • 2005 - Judith Harris Garrett Harris Foundation

OU Regents' Alumni Award

The OU Alumni Association in Norman offers a similar award to exceptional alumni, known as the OU Regent's Award.  This award is presented by the OU Board of Regents and the OU Alumni Association to honor important roles of OU alumni and supporters to the life of the university.  Since the award was first established in 1987 several of our former surgery residents have been honored with this award:

  • 1995 - Sam T. Hamra, MD
  • 2012 - Che Miller, MD
  • 2013 - Donald H. Garrett, MD