Stanton L. Young Master Teacher Award

The Stanton L. Young Master Teaching Award is presented annually to a faculty member in the College of Medicine. The award was established in 1983 by Stanton L. Young, an Oklahoma City businessman. The $10,000 award is one the largest in the nation for medical teaching. Nominations for the award are made by medical students, with the dean of the College of Medicine making the final decision. Candidates are considered for their professional and personal excellence and their ability to serve as an inspiring teacher.

Three of the past Stanton L. Young Master Teacher Award winners were faculty members from the Department of Surgery:

 M. Alex Jacocks, M.D., 1990 - Seventh

G. Rainey Williams, M.D., 1991 - Eighth

Russell G. Postier, M.D. , 2002  - Nineteenth