Patient Information

For information or to make appointments call:

General Surgery (405) 271-1400
Pediatric Surgery (405) 271-4357
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (405) 271-4864
Thoracic and Foregut Surgery (405) 271-1632 or 271-5789

Patients should be prepared to provide complete demographic, medical and insurance information prior to an out-patient visit or inpatient admission.

Patients will receive separate billing statements for hospital services and physician services. For questions regarding hospital statements, please call 271-4225 or visit OU Medical Center's Billing Information page. If there are questions regarding a physician's statement, please contact our Patient Accounts Department at 271-1500 or visit OU Physicians Billing Frequently Asked Questions.

Each hospital has its own parking facility. Click here for Maps and Directions to various facilities.