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The Children's Hospital


About Sleep Services

OU Medical Center offers advanced equipment to diagnose sleep disorders. Both adult and pediatric patients are seen at The Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Treating a Variety of Patients

The Sleep Disorders Center is unique to the state and region in the variety and complexity of patients diagnosed and treated, especially among neonates and children. Adult patients in the Sleep Disorders Center may come in for issues such as snoring, unrestorative sleep, daytime sleepiness or complaints from their bed partner. Children seen in the Sleep Disorders Center might have problems with hyperactivity, snoring or restless sleep.

Advanced Technology

The Sleep Disorders Center is one of only a few centers nationwide where Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is provided to children who require it.

In addition, new beds in the Sleep Disorders Center utilize Sandman equipment, the most advanced sleep evaluation technology ​available. This provides the ultimate in speed, flexibility, accuracy and reliability for sleep study recording.

Scheduling an Appointment

The Sleep Disorders Center schedules patients by physician referral only. Doctors who are referring adult patients may call 405-271-5605 or send a fax to 405-271-6690. 

Sleep Disorders

Forms needed for your appointment

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The Sleep Disorders Center is the only American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited facility in Oklahoma that does sleep studies on ALL ages of patients, from birth to adult. 

Referring Provider Information

Please print and fax the referring provider form along with necessary documents to the numbers listed on the required forms.

Referring provider form


The Sleep Disorders Center at OU Medical Center is located at 1200 N Children's Ave. inside The Children's Hospital, Suite 5L.  For directions, click here. Take elevator L to the 5th floor, exit the elevator to the left  and follow the signs to the Sleep Disorders Center.

The Sleep Disorders Center reception room area will be unlocked at 7 p.m. We will be notified when you arrive by a doorbell that sounds as you enter the door. A member of our team will come to the reception area at your appointment time to admit you to the sleep lab. 

If you have any questions, please call 405- 271-5605.  If there is no one at the atrium desk when you arrive, please call 405-271-5438.