Clinical Care

Institute of Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) is the outpatient clinical “home” for many of our patients. The facility is located within the OU Health Sciences Center campus and is Oklahoma’s largest group on infectious diseases specialists. The clinic is staffed by board certified Infectious Diseases physicians and clinical pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, medical case managers, licensed behavioral health providers, licensed dietitians, and a talented group of support staff. Using state of the art microbiology, mycology, and virology technology, the IDI specializes in the evaluation and care of a broad spectrum of illnesses ranging from bacterial to HIV and AIDS. 

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs

We have numerous federal grant programs dedicated to primary care, prevention, education, and community services for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Every member of the IDI is dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate care in every encounter. 


  • Primary & Specialty Medical Care: Staffed by board-certified physicians and advanced clinical practitioners, our medical team provides comprehensive primary and specialty care for individuals living with HIV. This includes disease prevention and management and laboratory and radiology services. Additionally, specialized clinical pharmacists provide medication adherence counseling and support. 
  • Medical Case Management: This program provides services to improve the quality, availability, and organization of HIV care and support services and includes grants for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Our case managers specialize in linking individuals to key services for clinical care, prescription assistance, and other social needs.
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling Services: Our compassionate staff of licensed behavioral health professionals provide mental health and substance abuse counseling to individuals living with HIV. Services are offered in a variety of individual and group formats, as well as couples counseling.  
  • Nutrition services: Our program offers medical nutrition therapy provided by a registered dietitian who meets with individuals living with HIV to discuss how what they eat affects their overall health. We partner with local community-based organizations for a free farmer’s market, which we call FreshLife.
  • Dental care: Through a partnership with the OU College of Dentistry, eligible patients living with HIV can receive dental cleanings and oral health care at very low cost or in many cases, completely free. 
  • Peer Support: We are fortunate to have staff members who are living with HIV, and their personal experience helps shape and inform all of our programs. These staff members are willing to use their own experience to help guide and support people who are recently diagnosed or are trying to navigate the local HIV care continuum. 


Infectious Diseases Institute
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