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About Neurosurgery

When you need neurosurgical care, you want to be confident you’re receiving the most expert care available. Patients come from all over the world to be seen by neurosurgeons at OU Medicine. Our neurosurgeons use the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools to diagnose and treat conditions of the brain and spine. These, and image-guided surgery techniques, have transformed many major surgeries into more minimally invasive procedures, resulting in fewer complications and reduced recovery time. 

Our neurosurgeons are part of Oklahoma’s only American College of Surgeons-verified Level 1 Trauma Team. Trust them when faced with:
Adult brain tumors: Our group focuses on aggressive multidisciplinary care of patients with brain tumors. As the only group in the state whose physicians focus their time entirely to the treatment of brain tumor patients, we aim to provide care on par with anywhere else in the United States, providing our patients cutting edge surgery, access to the highest quality radiation technology available and the possibility of access to novel experimental drugs which are not available at most community hospitals in the area.

Cerebrovascular disease: The cerebrovascular surgery program at OU Medicine is headed by Dr. Bradley Bohnstedt, a neurosurgeon dual trained in open and endovascular techniques. This unique skill set provides our group to provide balanced and comprehensive care for patients with aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and other diseases of brain blood vessels. As one of the busiest centers for this surgery in the region, we perform several procedures per week.
Spine surgery: Dr. Michael Martin is an experienced fellowship trained complex spine surgeon who focuses on adult deformity correction and spinal trauma surgery. Further, while many spinal diseases benefit from surgery, sometimes nonsurgical treatments are a better option for some patients. OU Medicine’s evidence-based spine clinic focuses on guiding patients to the best possible treatment for their disease, based on the best available medical evidence.

Epilepsy surgery: OU Medicine has the only comprehensive epilepsy surgery program in the state, with a multi disciplinary team of of epileptologists and neurosurgeons routinely performing prolonged non-invasive and invasive epilepsy evaluation and targeted epilepsy resections which have the ability to provide some patients with seizure freedom.  

Movement disorders surgery: The management of diseases such as Parkinsons, dystonia and other complex functional brain diseases have been revolutionized by neurosurgical procedures such as deep brain stimulation. Our collaborative group performs these procedures weekly as a regional referral center for the procedure.

Pediatric neurosurgery: Our three pediatric neurosurgeons represent the state’s busiest pediatric neurosurgery program and routinely handle both routine and complex pediatric neurosurgical diseases, including cerebrovascular, epilepsy, craniofacial and complex hydrocephalus cases with the support of Oklahoma's premiere children’s hospital. Our pediatric brain tumor clinic treats a large majority of the state's childhood brain tumors in a multidisciplinary collaborative group