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About Radiology

The availability of cutting-edge technology means that your doctor has access to extraordinarily detailed images, faster test results and the best treatment options available anywhere. The most advanced equipment, the newest technology upgrades and the leading diagnostic tools are available to OU Physicians, providing the ultimate in treatment options.

Some of the technologies used here can be found in only a few places around the nation and, in some cases, the world. For example:

  • An MRI 'twin-speed' system which is one of only a few in the world.
  • The Gamma Knife, which helps provide optimal treatment to cancer patients, is the only one of only two in use in Oklahoma.
  • A SPECT/CT imaging system, the first of its kind in this area, as is our PET/CT hybrid camera. This equipment enables our specialists to see and evaluate images of the body as it works, instead of only observing its structure.

Images provided in connection with cancer treatment may allow normal tissues to be spared to the greatest extent possible through precise radiation therapy technologies.

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