Men's Health

 OU Physicians Urologists see men for a variety of urologic conditions, including issues with:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Low testosterone (low T)
  • Sexual dysfunction

The physicians in this practice are dedicated to treating men’s hormonal imbalances that interfere with relationships, work performance and enjoyment of life. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, our urologists will devise a personalized treatment plan based on your specific condition and symptoms. 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (also known as ED or impotence) is the inability to achieve or maintain a rigid erection. Occasional ED is normal, but ongoing erectile dysfunction deserves evaluation and treatment. Our urologists offer all forms of ED treatment and will formulate a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Problems with erections can greatly impact relationships, a man’s confidence and quality of life. Additionally, ED can be the sign of other problems, such as low testosterone, or a more serious problem, such as vascular disease that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. If you suffer from ED, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation. 

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is common, affects men of all ages, and can negatively impact a man’s quality of life. Low T symptoms include:

  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Decreased interest in sex (low libido)
  • Decreased exercise capacity
  • Fertility issues*
  • Decreased concentration, focus, and/or memory
  • Irritability/moodiness
  • Problems with sex, including erectile dysfunction
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Weight gain and/or loss of muscle mass

*Patients trying to achieve pregnancy will be offered testosterone-stimulating drugs only. Testosterone therapy can decrease sperm production.

Treatments include:

  • Injectable testosterone (including testosterone enanthate and cypionate) – we teach patients to inject themselves at home, not requiring frequent office visits.
  • Topical testosterone – a variety of topical formulations are available and often covered by insurance.
  • Subcutaneous Pellets – tiny pellets can be placed underneath the skin of the buttocks, which slowly dissolve over four months.
  • Long-lasting injectable testosterone – must be administered by a health care professional, but only requires five shots a year to maintain treatment levels.
  • Testosterone patches – offers a topical option without the risk of transference to a loved one. The most common side effect is skin irritation.
  • Testosterone stimulating alternatives – medications such as hCG, clomiphene citrate, anastrozole, and others can be administered to stimulate production of one’s own testosterone or used as adjunctive medications along with testosterone depending on the patient’s specific condition and goals.


Up to 15 percent of couples have trouble conceiving, and, surprisingly to many, a male factor contributes to the problem 50 percent of the time. Fortunately, effective treatments for male fertility exist as long you find the right physician. Our urologists perform diagnostic testing to pinpoint the cause, then tailor a treatment plan specific to your case so you can begin building your family. If you suspect you are suffering from male infertility, or have had an abnormal semen analysis or sperm count, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation. 

Sexual Dysfunction

There are many types of sexual dysfunction men can have aside from ED (erectile dysfunction). Problems with orgasm and ejaculation are extremely common, but often go untreated. Premature or rapid ejaculation is a very common condition in which men ejaculate either prior to or shortly after penetration. Delayed or impaired ejaculation is the common condition in which men consistently take a prolonged time to ejaculate or are often unable to ejaculate. 

Both premature and delayed ejaculation can cause distress, embarrassment and strain relationships. Fortunately, both conditions have treatment available. Males with delayed or premature ejaculation or any other sexual dysfunction should contact our practice today to schedule a consultation.

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