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Learn about Screenings and Diagnostic Testing from Our Doctors

Our experts weigh in on some frequently asked questions during an OU Medicine Live Chat. View these videos from Dr. Debra Mitchell and Dr. Elizabeth Jett to learn more.

  • “What is the difference between 3-D mammography and traditional mammography?”

  • “Will a 3-D mammogram subject me to more radiation than a traditional one?”

  • “What is breast cancer and how does it form?”

  • “What is the next step once a mammogram reveals something suspicious?”

  • “Should I be concerned about breast pain? Could it be cancer?”

  • “When should I start getting mammograms and when should I stop?”

  • “How often should I be screened and with what tests?”

  • “There's conflicting information on how often I should get screened. What do you say?”

  • “What are my risk factors of developing breast cancer?"

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