High Risk Obstetrics

Location of Care

The Children's Hospital Atrium
OU Children's Physicians Building - 1A

About our Care

Whether a woman is carrying triplets or has a history of miscarriages, our doctors specialize in bringing high-risk pregnancies to term.

At our facility in The Children's Hospital, our highly-trained specialists use advanced technology to ensure the health and well-being for mom and baby (babies). We provide high-resolution, color ultrasound and pulsed Doppler capabilities, as well as 4D ultrasound to closely monitor a baby's development.

We counsel and diagnose women at risk of genetic disorders. Our doctors also treat pregnant women with such medical problems as:

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Kidney disease

  • Multiple gestations

Should a baby need specialized care upon delivery, moms find comfort in knowing that our team of specialists is immediately available. This team includes pediatric surgeons, cardiologists, urologists and neonatologists.