The University of Oklahoma Department of Anesthesiology incorporates simulation activities in the Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center (CSETC) into its training program. Clinical simulations involving the human patient simulator (HPS) are the cornerstone of this training. The HPS is capable of replicating pulmonary, cardiac and renal physiology as well as pharmacological interactions.

The CSETC combines high-fidelity human patient simulation, life-like adult and pediatric mannequins with extensive computer hardware and software to allow realistic interactions and interventions to occur in programmed scenarios. This offers the residents a unique opportunity to develop their clinical skills through participation in a wide range of controlled scenarios.

The goals of clinical simulation activities within the Department of Anesthesia are to build the resident's knowledge, clinical skills and confidence.  This is accomplished through hands-on simulation experiences in anesthetic induction, the management of life threatening emergencies, extubation and the pharmocokinetics of commonly used medications.