What is Medical Simulation?

Medical simulation is medical training that replaces live patients with human patient simulators and sophisticated computer-driven mannequins, which realistically replicate human physiology and clinical symptoms and responses.

Why is Medical Simulation valuable in medical education?

Simulation-based learning gives educators the ability to prepare health care students with advanced professional skills before they enter the workforce. 

How does the CSETC use Medical Simulation?

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine's new Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center's (CSETC) simulation suites can be set up to replicate an operating room, emergency room, maternity suite or other clinical settings.  The high-fidelity simulators may be used in these scenarios. 

Each simulation suite includes a state-of-the-art digital recording system through which all simulation exercises are recorded. Students, faculty and SPs can access these recordings 24/7 through the Center's web-accessible video monitoring system. This video capability allows faculty to monitor simulation sessions in real time from a remote location or use video recordings to provide the students feedback during follow-up discussions.

How does Medical Simulation improve medical education?

CSETC's medical simulation suites provide:

  • A safe, controlled environment for students to practice and refine their clinical and decision-making skills before working with patients.

  • An environment that enhances and improves patient safety, thereby reducing medical errors. 

  • Training to enhance teamwork skills, a vital component in the successful delivery of superior health care.

  • Greater learning flexibility through 24/7 online access to digital video recordings of practice sessions in the CSETC. 

  • Procedural skills training on four fully integrated human simulators and more than 20 task trainers.

How do I schedule Medical Simulation training at the CSETC?

For additional information about simulation training at the CSETC, or to schedule a simulation suite, please contact Rose Yandell at 405.271.2769 or Rose-Yandell@ouhsc.edu.