OU Medical Center

Main Entrance/Valet​: 679 Stanton L Young Blvd.
OU Medical Center
OU Medical Center is the only comprehensive academic hospital in the state, offering the widest range of medical and surgical services in the region. Serving as Oklahoma’s only Level I trauma center, the hospital is a multi-state resource for every aspect of injury prevention and treatment. OU Medical Center offers the highest level of care for stroke patients, providing unmatched neurology and neurosurgery services, and is home to Oklahoma’s most experienced organ transplant team. Working alongside the Stephenson Cancer Center, the hospital has the state’s only comprehensive bone marrow transplant center and more radiation therapy options than any hospital in Oklahoma. From advanced cardiac care to orthopedic services and more, OU Medical Center patients benefit from healthcare based on the latest research and advances in medicine.

OUMedCenter-Directions-MapAccess to OU Medical Center parking and entry has changed during construction. Please review the instructions below to streamline your visit. 

Driving Directions:

Follow I-235 N to N Lincoln Blvd (Exit 1D)
Continue on N Lincoln Blvd
Turn right onto NE 13th St

Follow I-235 S to NE 10th St (Exit 1G)
Turn left onto NE 10th St
Turn left onto N Lincoln Blvd
Turn right onto NE 13th St

Emergency Room parking, turn into gated entrance on NE 13th St

Long term parking, park at Parking Garage - P1

For walking directions around the Oklahoma Health Center, download the Path map.



Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Rooms 700-711   Elevator-A
OUMC-7B Hematology / Oncology Rooms 716-731   Elevator-A
OUMC-7C Surgical Oncology Rooms 750-757   Elevator-B
OUMC 7D Surgical Oncology Rooms 758-771   Elevator-B


OUMC-6A ​Medicine Specialty Rooms 600-615   Elevator-A
OUMC-6B Medicine Specialty Rooms 616-631   Elevator-A
OUMC-6C Medicine Specialty Rooms 650-665   Elevator-B
OUMC-6D Medicine Specialty Rooms 666-681   Elevator-B


OUMC-5A In Patient Trauma Rooms 500-514   Elevator-A
OUMC-5B In Patient Trauma Rooms 515-526   Elevator-A
OUMC5C Orthopedics Rooms 555-566   Elevator-B
OUMC-5D Orthopedics Rooms 568-580   Elevator-B


OUMC-4A Medical Oncology Rooms 400-415   Elevator-A
OUMC-4B Nephrology Rooms 416-431   Elevator-A
OUMC-4C Surgical Specialty Unit Rooms 452-465   Elevator-B
OUMC-4D Surgical Specialty Unit Rooms 466-481   Elevator-B


OUMC-3A Acute Stroke unit Rooms 300-315   Elevator-A
OUMC-3B ​Neurosciences Rooms 316-323   Elevator-A
OUMC-3C ​Oncology APU   Elevator-B
OUMC-3D ​​Neurosciences Rooms 350-357   Elevator-B


OUMC-2A ​Medicine ICU Rooms 2060-2070   Elevator-A
OUMC-2B ​Neurosciences / Transplant ICU Rooms 2071-2082   Elevator-A
OUMC-2C Cardiovascular Services Rooms 250-265   Elevator-B
OUMC-2D Cardiovascular Services Rooms 266-281   Elevator-B
OUMC-2E Cardiovascular / Thoracic ICU Rooms 2001-2015   Elevator-B
OUMC-2F Trauma ICU Rooms 2016-2034   Elevator-B
OUMC-2G Family Lounge   Elevator-B
OUMC-2H Family Lounge   Elevator-B
OUMC-2J Medicine ICU West Rooms 2035-2042   Elevator-A
OUMC-2K Medicine ICU West Rooms 2043-2049   Elevator-A
OUMC-2L Medicine ICU West Rooms 2050-2057   Elevator-A


Path PATH - To Elevators Elevator-E - Elevator-W

OUMC-1A Admitting
OUMC-1B Diagnostic Center
OUMC-1D Outpatient Services
OUMC-1E Pulmonary Function Lab
Emergency Emergency Room
Gift Shop Gift Shop
Chapel Chapel
Administration Administration
Parking Garage - P1 Parking Garage
Valet Valet Parking

P Outpatient Parking


OUMC-LA Dialysis   Elevator-B
Dining Cafeteria   Elevator-B