Healthcare Provider Information

OU Medical Center welcomes the opportunity to assist you with laboratory testing by providing high quality and cost effective lab services.  Contact Laboratory Client services at (405) 271-6161 to establish an account, get a specimen pickup, obtain collection supplies or requisitions, or to request report- reprints.  

Set Up an Account 
OU Medical Center accepts laboratory orders from a medical provider in good standing and licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma. To establish a client account with the laboratory, contact Client Services at (405) 271-6161. 

Specimen Labels
To ensure patient safety, it is necessary to identify the patient's specimen accurately at the time it is collected. When properly affixed to the specimen container, bar code labels, handwritten labels, or patient stickers containing the following minimal information are accepted by the lab:

1. Patient's name or other unique identifier
2. Patient's date of birth
3. Date and Time of collection
4. Collector's initials
5. If tissue or culture, include source and/or description 
6. Pour off tube or transport tube - include content type, i.e. serum, plasma, urine, etc

Specimen Transport
OU Medical Center Laboratory provides courier service for outpatient lab specimens, reports, supplies and other related materials. To ensure specimens are transported appropriately, please follow these recommendations.

1. Avoid gross external contamination of transport container or paperwork.  
2. Tightly close all screw-cap containers.
3. Remove sharps, needles, or butterflies.  
4. AVOID sending glass containers. 
5. Submit frozen samples in plastic transfer tubes. 
6. Place specimen in the zippered portion of the biohazard-marked specimen transport bags. Put paperwork in the outside pouch.  
7. Do not mix specimens from more than one patient in a single transport bag.
8. Do not mix pathology/cytology specimens with clinical specimens, i.e., pap smears or biopsies in a specimen transport bag.  
9. Refer to test catalog for collection and transport information.

Unacceptable Specimens 
It is the responsibility of the laboratory staff to investigate questionable specimens before rejecting specimens for testing.  If a specimen is rejected the laboratory staff will:

1. Notify the requesting physician or other authorized representative.
2. Identify the conditions for specimen's unacceptability; suggest remedial actions.
3. Modify or cancel order, if appropriate, including detailed comments indicating the specific reason for the modification or cancellation.
4. If a less than optimum specimen is accepted by the lab, lab will note specimen conditions or variances on the lab reports.

Test Catalog