Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education is a graduate and post-graduate internship in pastoral care. As adult experiential education, CPE combines weekly pastoral care services along with small-group, classroom reflection.  The goal of clinical pastoral education is to create increasing competence, and therefore confidence, in the student’s ministry of pastoral care.  This competence is facilitated as students share specific incidences of pastoral care with one another through a verbatim format (written recall of the conversation in detail) and receive feedback and constructive critique.  Theory in the field of pastoral care, theology, and counseling, is also read and discussed.  It is the repetitive, weekly, action-reflection method that produces amazing growth across time.

 Students receive one unit of accredited CPE for each 400-440 hours of combined pastoral care/class participation.  Usually four units of CPE, along with a Masters degree in a pastoral care related degree program are looked for by various facilities looking to employ a chaplain.  Certification with the APC, Association of Professional Chaplains, may also be sought.

OUMC offers CPE in three formats:

  1. A full-time, year-long residency (with $30,000 stipend); starts in September of each year.  Application needs to be received by June or earlier each year.

  2. A full-time summer unit: June through August each year; application received by February.

  3. An Extended unit:  6-month program run consecutively across the year; September through February, then March through August.  Can begin with any unit.  Application needs to be in four months before unit begins.  Daytime and afternoon-evening class options. 

OUMC’s Clinical Pastoral Education program is accredited by:

The Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30030
Phone:  404-320-1472

For application or further information about our CPE programs, please contact:

Darryl J. Tiller, D. Min.
Director of CPE
405-271-8001, ext. 42320