Financial Counseling

We have financial counselors available to help you with questions about your bill, pricing for medical procedures and to make arrangements for bill payments.

For Women’s & Newborn Center or the Children’s Hospital Services, call:

Therese Moore-Lovell             405-271-4225 Option 3  or Extension 44605

Elena Lugo                          405-271-4225 Option 4 or Extension 36049

For scheduled or upcoming services at Professional Office Building or the Residents Clinic, call:

Claudia Thompson           405-271-4225 Option 5 or Extension 13546

For scheduled or upcoming services at OU Medical Center, call:

Angie Hallman-Brumer                405-271-4225 Option 8 or Extension 16246

Gayzette Carson               405-271-4225 Option 9 or Extension 15379

For Financial Counseling needs or questions on past services, call:

Theresa Moore-Lovell             405-271-4225 Option 3 or Extension 44605

For questions about our Financial Assistance Program, or to check the status of your Financial Application, call 1-866-479-6509.

Visit this page for more information about financial services at hospital facilities.