OU Medicine Stories

Read patients’ medical stories about how they are Alive and Well thanks to OU Medicine.

  • Martina Goodman. Children's Surgery patient.

    Martina Goodman, Children's Surgery

    "It's truly rewarding to use the story of what I've been through to help other kids through their problems."

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  • Madison Lenhart. The Children's Hospital orthopedic surgery patient.

    Madison Lenhart, Children's Orthopedic Surgery

    “But I just remember falling down – and it’s hard to accept defeat.”

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  • Noah Jones. OU Medicine trauma one patient.

    Noah Jones, Trauma One

    “But the doctors went through all of my options with me, and described how I could get back on my feet. They gave me hope, and today, I wear a prosthetic leg.”

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  • Trey Tipton. Women's and Newborn Center patient.

    Trey Tipton, Women's and Newborn Center

    “Our plans changed when my wife began experiencing some pain 32 weeks into
    her pregnancy.”

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  • Candi Sanders, Women's Comprehensive Care

    Candi Sanders, Women's Comprehensive Care

    “My husband and I wanted to start a family, but we were not having any success on our own.”

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