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Madison Lenhart

Madison Lenhart. Children's Hospital at OU Medicine patient.

When I was a junior at Mount St. Mary Catholic High School, I was really excited to have made the varsity soccer team. We practiced all summer, and I had high hopes for the first game of the season. But at one point during the game, I made a move to kick the ball and I heard a pop – every athlete’s worst nightmare. My mom rushed down to me and my dad actually pulled his truck onto the field to take me to the emergency room at OU Medicine. But I just remember falling down – and it’s hard to accept defeat.

“But I just remember falling down – and it’s hard to accept defeat.”

A few hours later, I was diagnosed with a torn ACL at The Children’s Hospital. I saw a team of children’s orthopedic specialists, and they decided the best thing to do would be to perform an ACL reconstruction. I was really nervous that my recovery would take forever – that I’d maybe never be able to play soccer again. But the children’s specialists helped me recover quickly, and I was able to come back to my team my senior year.

Thank you, Children’s Hospital!