Alveolar Bone Graft

Bone Grafting the Gumline

Bone grafting the gumline usually occurs around age 7–9. It includes the placement of a palate expander that parents are responsible for turning daily. This is sometimes called “Phase 1 Orthodontics.” The expander is left in place for a few months. The Bone Graft Surgery comes after expansion is done. Bone graft is usually taken from a small incision in the hip and transferred to the gumline. After one to three months, the orthodontist may place braces on the child to align the front teeth.

Post Operative Care

You should expect your child to have pain for up to 3 days. Swelling around the eyes, nose and lips for up to 5 days is normal. A liquid diet should be administered for the first 5 days; this includes yogurt and ice cream, etc. The child should eat only soft foods for 2 weeks and may brush his/her teeth with a soft tooth brush after 48 hours and may also gargle with mouthwash. A follow-up CT scan is necessary in 4–6 months.

Palatal Expander