Treatment for Children ​and Adolescents with Problematic or Illegal Sexual Behaviors


Barbara Bonner, Ph.D. (Director, Adolescent Program)

Jane F. Silovsky, Ph.D. (Director, School-Age and Preschool Programs)

Elizabeth Bard, Ph.D. (Co-Director, School-Age Program)

Sharon "Shel" Millington, LPC  (Co-Director, School-Age Program)

Erin Taylor, Ph.D. (Coordinator, Preschool Program)


To refer a child to the program, contact the PSB Coordinator at (405) 271-8001 x ​30723 or email

Services Provided

 The Problematic Sexual Behavior Programs serve children and adolescents ages 3-18 and their caregivers through group and/or family therapy. These programs are research informed treatments for children and adolescents who have demonstrated inappropriate or problematic sexual behavior. In some cases, these youth may be involved in the juvenile justice system for illegal sexual behavior. Safety planning and reunification sessions can also be provided to families on an as needed basis. We offer three programs designed to target specific age groups to best meet the needs of children and families.  Caregivers are required to participate in services with their youth.  Evidence supports caregiver involvement as the strongest predictor of behavior change in youth.

Populations Served

We offer three age-specific treatment programs to tailor the therapy services to your youth’s unique developmental needs:

  • Preschool Program (ages 3 to 6) –This program is approximately 13 sessions in duration. This program is a closed group, which means all families begin and end treatment together. Treatment helps to eliminate or reduce problematic sexual behavior.Group sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, approximately four times a year.
  • School-Age Program (ages 7 to 12) –This program is approximately 18 to 22 sessions in duration. This program is an open group, which means families may access services any time during the year. Group sessions are scheduled on Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.
  • Adolescent Program (ages 13-18) – This program is approximately 12 months in duration and serves youth court-ordered or who have court oversight for illegal sexual behavior. It is an open group, which means families may access services any time during the year. Groups take place Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
  • Family services can be provided based on individual family eligibility and needs (age 3 to 12 years old) – This program serves the same population and treatment goals as the Preschool and School-Age Programs. Participation in family versus group treatment is decided with your treatment provider after the intake assessment.

 Cost of Services

Treatment related services, in most cases, are provided at no cost to families through established contracts with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Juvenile Bureau, Office of Juvenile Affairs and the Victims of Crime Act. If for any reason, treatment services for a child or adolescent are not covered under one or more these contracts, you will be told before an assessment is scheduled and the coordinator will discuss the fees for service.

 Location of Services 

Services are provided at the 
Child Study Center (1100 NE 13 Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73117; (405) 271-5700).

For more information about children and/or adolescents with problematic sexual behavior, please visit the National Center for the Sexual Behavior of Youth at  Information relevant for children impacted by problematic sexual behaviors by other children is available at the National Child Traumatic Stress Network at