Two Sides of the Globe: Connecting Indigenous People

Peer2Peer: Oklahoma and Baikal

The main goal of the Peer to Peer (P2P)Two Sides of the Globe: Connecting Indigenous People project is to strengthen awareness of the merits of Buryat and other indigenous communities in Siberia and American Indian communities in Oklahoma through direct, peer-to-peer exchanges of their experiences of preserving their cultural heritages, and disseminating information on the two cultures. This is an important relationship to establish as recent research indicates that 14% to 38% of American Indian ancestry may originate from Siberia (Raghavan et al., 2014). The Baikal region is the ancient home of the Buryat people in Russia.

The P2P project:

  • brought a group of Buryat people to Oklahoma to experience life and culture of American Indian communities.

  • brought a group of Oklahoma Indians to the Baikal region of Siberia, Russia to get introduced to Siberian indigenous population culture and life.

  • conducted interviews and publish a descriptive book of both cultures with quotes and photographs.

  • maintains cultural exchange between American Indians and Buryats.

  • published a book for children to educate children about traditions and customs of indigenous people in Siberia and Oklahoma.​

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The project aimed to examine the cultures and experiences of Native Americans in Oklahoma and Buryat people from the Baikal region of Siberia in Russia.

indigenous woman in traditional clothing dances.

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