Oklahoma County Child Guidance Services

Our Mission:

To prevent child abuse, promote optimal development, behavior and interactions for children and protect their families' future success. 

There is no issue more important to our nation's future than ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow up in a nurturing, stimulating and stable environment.  The problems that arise when a child is denied healthy childhood experiences are preventable.  There are countless reports and government data showing that child neglect and maltreatment is a significant but preventable public health problem in our country today. 


Program Description

  • Our purpose is to promote optimal development, healthy behavior and effective interaction for families and children. 
  • Services are provided by a staff of professional child development specialists, speech-language pathologists, and behavioral health specialists.
  • There are no eligibility requirements; any and every parent in Oklahoma is encouraged to use Child Guidance as a resource. 


Speech-Language Pathology Services

  • Facilitate the early identification of children with a communication delay through speech-language screenings, observation, hearing screenings and assessment 
  • Train, educate and consult with parents, professionals and caregivers on techniques to promote optimal communication and development through consultations, workshops, classes and teacher trainings.  
  • Promote health habits which decrease the likelihood that children will be born with or acquire a communication disorder.  Provide short term intervention for children who may not be eligible for public school services or Sooner Start Intervention Program.
  • Provide Hanen Language Learning Programs such as "It Takes Two To Talk", "Learning Language and loving It", and "Target Word".  Hanen Programs are facilitated by Hanen certified Speech-Language Pathologists. 

 Child Development and Parent Education

  • Consultation can be provided to individuals, other professionals and organizations that have interests in young children.  Some of the services offered include teacher training, parent meetings, observation of classrooms and resource coordination. 
  • Developmental Screening services include the assessment of your young child's skills and behavior.  A screening is a very general look at how your child is developing compared to other children the same age. 
  • Referral services are also provided as needed.  A Child Development Specialist can assist by helping arrange for other services such as further evaluation of skills and behavior.  We are part of a network of other professionals, services and agencies in our community. 
  • Classes and workshops are available for groups of parents, teachers and organizations. 

Behavioral Health Services

  • Identify or facilitate the early identification of children with psychological, social, emotional or behavioral issues
  • Provide psycho-educational and prevention services to children. 
  • Train, education and consult with parents, professionals and caregivers on techniques to promote optimal psychosocial development. 
  • Administer psychosocial screenings and limited evaluations of children's behavior.
  • Provide limited counseling services and refer families who are in need of long-term treatment to appropriate resources. 
  • Provide classes, groups and workshops for parents and other caregivers. 

Menu of Child Guidance Services:

  • Developmental Screening children birth—6 years
  • Autism Screening children birth—6 years
  • Hearing Screening children newborn—12 years
  • Behavioral Counseling and Consultation—children birth—12 years
  • Parent Child Enrichment (PCE) parents of children birth—6 years
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)  children 2—7 years
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) children 2—12 years
  • Speech/Language Evaluation and Therapy children birth—12 years
  • Circle of Parents Support Groups families of children birth—12 years
  • Circle of Security Parenting A relationship based Parenting Program
  • Infant Massage Classes babies 6 weeks—6 months and their parent
  • Child Care Mental Health Consultation providers serving children birth—school age
  • Guest speaker presentations for businesses, parenting groups, churches, child care,  college classes and anyone who might be interested.


  • Visit the Oklahoma State Health Department for information about Child Guidance Services across the state.
  • Please visit ParentPro for information about Home Visiting Programs across the state.


​Child Development

Robyn Sears, M.S., CCPS, CFLE

Kalyn Murphy, M.S.

Speech/Language Pathology

Tracy Goebel, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Behavioral Health

Jennifer Thomas, M.A., LPC, CDSVRP