Wavelengths is a unique clinical and research program for young adults.  It involves the pediatric and adult Diabetes and Endocrinology sections within the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center. 

The clinical part of the program works to establish pediatric patients with an adult endocrinologist at the appropriate time as determined by the pediatric provider. At the time of transition, the patient meets in a familiar clinic setting with the established pediatric provider as well as the new adult provider. This process is in place to ease the apprehension patients often feel when transitioning to a new provider. Furthermore, this program ensures that patients are able to schedule an appointment with their new provider in a timely manner.

In addition to coordination of clinical care, the research part of the program collects data which allows researchers and providers valuable insight into what could lead to better diabetes self-management and support of young adults with diabetes.

For more information, please call (405) 271-6764.