Turner Syndrome Clinic

Our Turner Syndrome Clinic (TSC) is a comprehensive effort to provide medical care and support to more than 50 Turner Syndrome patients in the area.  A variety of disciplines come together in TSC to provide cutting-edge  medical care: endocrinology, genetics, audiology, ear/nose/throat, and consults with cardiology, nephrology, urology, vascular medicine, and reproductive endocrinology.  TSC meets with patients at the OU Children’s Endocrinology Clinic in Oklahoma City.  Dr. Jeanie Tryggestad is the attending physician for TSC and has a special clinical and research interest in Turner Syndrome. 

For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to make a referral, contact Amanda Patterson, ​BSN, RN.

Turner Syndrome Clinic
1200 Children's Avenue, 4D
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405)271-3093 (fax)