Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic

This clinic is a comprehensive multidisciplinary effort designed to promote bone health in children and to provide care for children with bone diseases and disorders of calcium or phosphorous metabolism.  Diagnoses seen in bone clinic include but not limited to rickets, osteoporosis, hypercalcemia, hypocalcemia, hypoparathyroidism, multiple/frequent fractures, vitamin D deficiency, and chronic diseases that impact bone health (e.g., cystic fibrosis, cancer, etc).  We will also see patients who do not have one of the above diagnoses but the referring physician wants an assessment of bone health.  This clinic is held on the first Thursday of each month. 

This clinic is led by Dr. Sowmya Krishnan, a board certified Pediatric Endocrinologist/certified Clinical Densitometrist and Dr. Klaas Wierenga, a board certified geneticist with a special interest in Metabolic Bone diseases.  Genetic counselors and behavioral health counselors also attend the clinic to help provide comprehensive multidisciplinary care. 

To schedule in bone clinic, please call (405) 271-6764 and ask for an appointment.  For urgent requests, ask to speak with Dr. Krishnan, who will get the pertinent information and forward it to scheduling as deemed appropriate.