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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center offers cytogenetic, molecular genetic, and biochemical genetic testing.  These services are provided by the Core Genetics Laboratory, which is composed of the Clinical Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, and Biochemical Genetics laboratories.  Within our certified labs, supervisors and technologists work diligently to provide reliable results in a timely fashion. 

Genetic Cause of Rare Condition Uncovered by
Oklahoma Researchers


It is a condition so rare that it has been diagnosed in only a handful of families and individuals worldwide. Now, researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation have discovered that a mutation in a single gene is responsible for Stormorken syndrome as well as how that mutation causes the condition.

The groundbreaking work appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It all started about a year ago when OU Children's Physicians' pediatric hematologist-oncologist William Meyer, M.D., referred Isabel, a 10-year-old Oklahoma girl, to his colleague Klaas Wierenga, M.D., a medical geneticist with OU Children's Physicians...[Click here for rest of article]