Clinical Genetics Core Laboratories

Welcome to the Clinical Genetics Core Laboratories. Our facility is part of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, located in the O'Donoghue Research Building, Suite 1400. Our laboratories include the Cytogenetics, Molecular and Biochemical Genetic Laboratories. We provide clinical testing for OU Physicians, OU Medical Center and many other medical providers across the United States.

The genetics laboratory provides comprehensive services in all types of chromosome, molecular, and biochemical studies including congenital disorders, prenatal diagnosis, and hematologic/ oncologic disorders. We offer CGH array testing as well as sequencing for NF1/SPRED1, PTEN, Marfan syndrome, MCAD, Bartter syndrome, Noonans and other syndromes.

We have become a referral lab for Diagnostic Laboratories of Oklahoma, Norman Regional Health System, Mercy Health Center, Integris Medical Centers, OU Medical Center and Midwest Regional Medical Center, and we also participate in the National COG studies.

For any questions concerning our laboratory or the tests that we provide, please contact us at 405-271-3589 and our staff will be happy to assist you. If you have questions about a specific genetic test you can go to for more information.  

In the future, we hope that we may be of service to you.

The genetics lab is accredited with the College of American Pathologists.

CLIA No. 37D0967945

National Provider Identification: 1548447600

Genetics Laboratory Location:
1122 NE 13th St., Suite 1400
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Campus Address: O'Donoghue Research Building 1400
Phone: 405.271.3589 Fax 405.271.7117