FISH Analysis for Congenital Disorders

Listed below are the FISH studies that are routinely requested by physicians. FISH analysis can be performed for almost any genetic disorder you may encounter. If you have a specific study in mind please contact our laboratory before sending a specimen. 


1p36 deletion syndrome

Alagille syndrome

Angelman syndrome

Charge syndrome

Cri-du-Chat syndrome

DiGeorge syndrome (I) 22q11.2

DiGeorge syndrome (II) 10p14

Kallmann syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome

Miller-Dieker syndrome

Neurofibromatosis 1

Prader-Willi syndrome

Smith-Magenis syndrome

Sotos syndrome

SRY gene deletion

Trisomies and Sex Chromosomes

Turner syndrome

X-linked Ichthyosis (Steroid sulfatase deficiency)

Williams syndrome

Wolf-Hirschorn syndrome