Cancer Genetics Clinic

Pediatric Genetics and the Stephenson Cancer Center have partnered together in opening the new Cancer Genetics Clinic (CGC). The CGC is now available at the  Stephenson Cancer Center through the Supportive Care Program. Led by Melissa Hall, MS, LCGC, a licensed and board certified genetic counselor along with our other licensed genetic counselors; these services will be available to cancer patients, their families, and high-risk individuals through physician referral.

The CGC will provide diagnostic evaluation, risk-assessment, testing, education, and counseling to candidates who are predisposed to a hereditary risk for cancer. Our genetic counselors will assist individuals and families in understanding the diagnosis, treatment and management of a genetic disorder. Importantly, they will educate candidates on their risk for cancer by reviewing family and personal history as well as discussing screening and risk-reduction strategies for prevention and early detection. Emotional, psychological, and medical implications of proceeding with a test will be addressed as well.

The goal of the genetics clinic is cancer prevention or, should cancer occur, early detection. Our role and duties are to provide nationally recommended screening testing and surveillance strategies for the people of Oklahoma who have an increased risk of developing cancer.

Individuals who make the best candidates for clinical genetic services and genetic counseling include those with cancer onset at an early age, cancers occurring in multiple generations of the same family, and clustering of the same type of cancer in close relatives.
Cancer Genetics Clinic Hours:
Mondays and Wednesdays, 1pm-5pm
Stephenson Cancer Center, 2nd Floor in Supportive Care.
To refer a patient, call Supportive Care at (405) 271-4385