Preparing for your visit

Thank you for choosing OU Genetics to participate in your care. Your doctor may have requested a genetics evaluation to better understand you or your child’s health, development, or risk for an inherited condition. Please use the information below to prepare for you or your child’s upcoming appointment.  

Before your visit

Bring all medical records from non-OU clinics and hospitals. Some examples include: office notes, laboratory reports, imaging, therapy evaluations, IEP evaluations, etc.

  • Review you or your child’s personal health history: milestones (age your child first rolled over, sat alone, walked, etc) chronic illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and medications.
  • Review your family’s health history. Consider asking your family members about medical or developmental concerns, pregnancy losses, birth defects, age/cause of death, and other conditions. 
  • Consider bringing family photos to the visit. Because traits can run in families, often it can be helpful to have photographs of parents, siblings, or relatives that resemble your child who are not present at the actual visit. If your child is older, photographs of the child as a baby could also be helpful. 
  • Please complete the Genetics Questionnaire and New Patient Checklist and bring to your visit.
  • Bring your insurance card to your visit. If you have insurance or billing questions before or after your appointment, please visit OU Billing and Insurance or call 405-271-1500.
  • Map and Directions: We are located at 1200 N Childrens Avenue in Oklahoma City. The Genetics Clinic is on the 5th floor of OU Childrens Physicians. Valet parking is available at the main entrance off of N Childrens Ave. Garage parking is accessible by using the south entrance on NW 10th Street and can be validated at your appointment. 


At your appointment

An appointment in Genetics is often more detailed than other appointments you or your child may have had. The appointment itself can last approximately two hours due to the complex nature of many genetic conditions. At a new patient visit, you will meet with a genetic counselor and a geneticist during your evaluation.  A member of our team will ask questions about you/your child’s pregnancy, medical, and developmental histories. A genetic counselor will draw your family tree, known as a pedigree. A detailed physical exam may be performed. At that time, we may discuss findings, possible diagnosis, and any follow-up recommendations. In many cases, at your first visit -- further laboratory testing, imaging, or other referrals are needed prior to diagnosis. 

After your visit

If follow-up recommendations were made, the genetics team will help to coordinate any laboratory results, imaging, or procedures and communicate these results to you. Genetic testing can often take 4-6 weeks, possibly longer. Follow-up visits will be arranged to discuss diagnosis or further recommendations. The Genetics team welcomes families to call with any additional unanswered questions or concerns. You or your child’s primary doctor will receive a letter shortly after the appointment that summarizes the information that was discussed.