Multidisciplinary clinics & other services

Our geneticists and/or genetic counselors participate in a number of additional clinics outside the general genetics clinic setting:

  • Genetic Counseling Clinic
  • Cancer Genetics Clinic
  • Hemophilia clinic
  • Cleft clinic
  • Craniofacial clinic
  • Turner Syndrome clinic
    Our genetic counselors participate in a multidisciplinary team of health care providers aimed to provide comprehensive care for individuals with Turner syndrome. Genetic counselors meet with families to discuss diagnosis and underlying genetic concepts, review genetic test results, and provide family support and resources. Other specialists include providers from endocrinology, audiology, ENT, and consults with cardiology, nephrology, urology, vascular medicine, and reproductive endocrinology. TSC meets with patients every other month on Fridays at the OU Children’s Endocrinology Clinic. 
  • Neurogenetics clinic
  • Neurocutaneous clinic
  • Metabolic bone clinic
  • MDA clinic
    Our genetic counselors volunteer time at the local MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) center seeing pediatric and adult patients for a variety of heritable neuromuscular conditions. Our genetic counselors join a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, nurses, occupational therapist, registered dietitian, respiratory therapist, rehabilitation supplier, and other professionals to care for patients in the entire state of Oklahoma. Our genetic counselors provide information and supportive counseling, collect and analyze family history information, coordinate genetic testing, answer questions about whether a genetic condition is running in a family, and connect patients with community resources.